Welcome to the Scorpion Lair, pull up a chair and your keyboard kick back and prepare to be Stung...... And yes we are.....

Scorpions ~ The most bad ass little creatures around.

This site is currently under construction. Hopefully it will be up and running soon.

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Interesting Links

Click here to visit Pittsburgh's NEWEST sports team.

Welcome to the Pa. Dept of Conservation and Natural Resources. A good place to look if your planning to do something outdoors.

Pennsylvania Rails to Trails: This site lists trails in Pa. for biking.

Pennsylvania Visitors Network: If your from out of town, this site is good for making plans.

The Scorpion Lairs own Mountain Biking page.: Come and see my personal collection of cool pics, and also check out my brother and I in all our biking splendor.

Click the banner below to check out my brothers web page. He's done a helluva job on this site. And it keeps getting better.
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